The investor signs this agreement with Steel Dome Holding Limited, based at 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, United Kingdom. The purpose of this agreement is to establish the terms of the agreement and regulate the relationships, duties and rights of the parties, as well as establish the limits of liability, risk policies and confidentiality policies.

Therefore, in this act, the investment statement above and the company Steel Dome Holding Ltd. AGREE:

Steel Dome Holding Ltd, hereinafter the company, owns the Steel Trader brand and the website The purpose of the website is to provide information on investment services, without these constituting a board or a public offering of investments.

The company performs an intermediation service in the Introducing Broker modality, with its partner, the investment manager. The investment manager has all the mechanisms and infrastructure to operate in financial markets such as the currency market and others, with qualified traders to do so.

The company will introduce the investments made by the investor directly with the investment manager and create a private account on its website, where the investor can view and manage their investment, request withdrawals, cancel or make new investments.

The sending of funds and withdrawals will be made through the Partner LeaderPays, so, together with the opening of an account in Steel Trader, an account will be opened at, tutored and fully managed by the investor, where make the cash withdrawal of your funds.

LeaderPays is a brand of the company 2CP Business Ltd, based in Nevis and operates independently to the company Steel Dome Holding Ltd. Therefore, Leaderpays assumes no responsibility for investments or investor relations with the company, being its independent and independent role. only destined to realize the shipment of funds between the investor and Steel Trader and vice versa.

Investments in risk markets, managed investment funds, financial markets, foreign exchange markets, cryptocurrencies or any other that involves the purchase-sale of shares or positions in the market, whether of purchase or sale, imply high risks of losses . The investor acknowledges having been informed of the risks on the website in its section on policies and agreements.

Although the risk profile managed by the fund manager is highly disposed towards the protection of the principal capital of investors and its internal policies with traders is aimed at an operation based on limited risks, the risk in this type of investment is always present and impossible to eliminate 100%.

Therefore, the investor acknowledges that he takes part in the investments made available on the website voluntarily, under his full responsibility and with full knowledge of the underlying risks.

The investor acknowledges and admits that in the event of possible losses of its capital, the company Steel Dome Holding Ltd. will not be liable, given that the company does not custody or invest the funds and only maintains a position of intermediation between the investor and the fund manager.

The investor agrees to know the terms of this agreement, which implies that his participation in the purchase of investment packages implies the acceptance thereof, waiving any claim for possible losses, which term is applicable according to the policy of risks, which you know and accept under your sole responsibility.

This agreement was written in Spanish. In case of any controversy in its interpretation, the original version in Spanish will prevail, for this, in case of any doubt, consult this text in the page of the Spanish language, whose version is the original and mainly legal and binding.

The present agreements and policies may be updated without prior notice. In this case, customers will be notified for acceptance or resignation, which would imply the cessation of the use of our services.

Last update October 1, 2017