Steel Trader can be your great ally to capitalize your money as in any existing investment fund. Steel Trader provides you with a simple and highly effective investment system, based on cryptocurrency trading and other securities, combined with mining returns.

Our secret and our success is based on the diversification and strategies by which we manage to minimize the risk of investments, our fund managers and our brokers, mainly work in the exchange of currency pairs, where we incorporate cryptocurrencies as a new digital currency where we analyze the markets in an institutional way, using high-level strategies just like the largest banks in the world.

We offer a profitable investment within a suitable market to investors with a high risk assertiveness profile, in which thanks to the risk control strategies it is possible to reduce significantly, limiting the risk in a controlled way, with a high profitability curve that minimize negative operations. The monthly results support the winning strategies followed for several years in different financial assets and high-risk markets, achieving the security of being able to offer excellent profitability.

We offer investment plans with a return of 3% monthly (36% annual). No bank will offer you an investment fund with a similar return.

Due to our high experience in the cryptocurrency sector, Steel Trader with its strategic agreements offers a unique opportunity for investors through an exclusive trading system in the cryptocurrency and other securities market, along with returns derived from mining investments of Cryptocurrencies, Ideal for corporate and private investors. We differentiate ourselves from the rest of the operators because we specialize in the study of volume and not only in seeing conventional graphics, which gives us greater objectivity when making commercial decisions.

Diversification is very important in every investment and is one of our strengths. Our entire strategy works successfully because we have a team of expert operators with different investment profiles and strategies.

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